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Wabi-sabi: The beauty of imperfection

Koson's Nutcraker atop a Persimmon Via Ukiyo-e Gallery

Koson's Nutcraker Atop a Persimmon, Ukiyo-e Gallery

Wabi- sabi, the art and practice of honoring the imperfect

Many Japanese arts over the past thousand years have been influenced by Zen and Mahayana philosophy, particularly acceptance and contemplation of the imperfection, constant flux, and impermanence of all things. Such arts can exemplify a wabi-sabi aesthetic.

Here is an incomplete list:

  • honkyoku (traditional shakuhachi music of wandering Zen monks)
  • ikebana (flower arrangement)
  • Japanese gardens, Zen gardens, and bonsai (tray gardens)
  • Japanese poetry, particularly haiku
  • Japanese pottery, notably Hagi ware
  • Japanese tea ceremony
  • Bonsai the Japanese art of miniature trees


Zen Timepiece with brass bowl

Zen Timepiece with brass bowl

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