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Alarm Clock that Exudes Tranquility – Zen Clock Testimonial

Digital Zen Alarm Clock Testimonial

Digital Zen Alarm Clock Testimonial

Customer Testimonial:

My friends call me a Zen diva. I’ve made a lot of investments in calming equipment, and this is by far one of the best ones. The sound is so soothing, not overly loud, yet strong enough to wake you up. My house has children and pets and I try to avoid anything that’s going to cause chaos. Most loud alarm clocks are truly… alarming. This beautiful clock is exactly what my family needed. In Alaska we have dark throughout the entire day during the winter- so there’s no natural sunlight to wake up your system. An abrupt beeping is not necessarily a ‘bright and early make-you-feel-good’ sort of thing. This alarm is the complete opposite. You literally feel happier waking up to a peaceful chime. It starts your entire day off on the right foot.

I have birds in my bedroom that used to get spooked every morning by the sound of my other alarm clock. This clock allows them to wake up peacefully with me- not terrified. We also have a baby in the house and as anyone who has a child knows, even the slightest sound can startle the poor thing into a screaming cry. We quit using our old alarm clock but still needed something to wake us up in the morning. This was the perfect alternative.

calming alarm clock with chime

calming alarm clock with chime

I personally like the walnut colored clock. It has more of a ‘cabin’ vibe to it. Looks very pretty in our darker colored interior décor. The lighted digital display is a plus for the naturally dark mornings in Alaska. It’s always nice to be able to conveniently check the time without turning on a bright light. It’s battery-efficient. I personally love that it works by batteries (no reprogramming after the power goes out).

All in all this clock is perfect for homes with children and pets. It’s also great for not-morning-people. The sound makes waking up a whole less stressful. The design is gorgeous. And the clock itself is an absolute darling addition to any home. I would rate this cute little thing 5 out of 5 stars.

from loneakgypsy…

calming zen clocks come in bamboo, walnut, and maple

calming zen clocks come in bamboo, walnut, and maple

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