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Meditation Timer Sale

meditation timer sale

meditation timer sale

Innovative Colorado company introduces the world’s most exquisite
meditation timers, signaling its users with a series of rich acoustic gong strikes

The Zen Timepiece is much more than an alarm clock, it also functions as a countdown timer for personal practices such as yoga, meditation, or bodywork. McIntosh added: “It’s the perfect accoutrement for meditation or yoga; it helps you make time for your practice because it’s so beautiful and fun.” The volume of the clock’s gong strikes can be adjusted over a wide range from soft, subtle ring tones to loud, bold gongs. This allows the user to customize the sound according to her preference. The clock can also be set to strike its gong on the hour, serving as a ‘mindfulness bell’ — a contemplative practice recommended by spiritual teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.

meditation timers and chime alarm clocks

meditation timers and chime alarm clocks

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