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Tranquil Alarm Clock – A Gradual Clock

tranquil alarm clock

tranquil alarm clock

Americans recently voted alarm clocks one of their most hated inventions—and it’s not difficult to understand why.

But it seems there is more reason to fear the alarm than to loathe it.  For rather than just dragging you from slumber each morning, alarm clocks could actually be bad for your health.

You don’t need to be a doctor to appreciate that the sudden shrill of an alarm could be bad for your heart.  And scientists have now proven that people who are suddenly forced awake by the sudden ringing of an alarm have higher blood pressure and heart rate than those who wake up peacefully.

Alarms can also add to your overall stress levels. The sudden noise triggers the body’s protective ‘fight or flight’ response, pumping up your adrenaline levels.

While this might be useful to get you to work on time, it can also lead to chronic stress which in turn contributes to high blood pressure, sleep problems and depression.

Now & Zen ® creates natural lifestyle products, such as their popular Zen Alarm Clock, that make a real difference in people’s lives. The growing preference for natural foods and natural fibers is carried forward by

Now & Zen® in the natural acoustic sounds and natural hardwood materials featured in every Now & Zen® product.  With a wide selection of different styles, their unique alarm clocks wake you gradually and naturally.  A series of beautiful acoustic chimes transforms your daily arrival into a tranquil beginning.  Each timepiece combines beauty and versatility.  These are high quality products that are not only modern and luxurious but are also peaceful and contribute to a stress-free day in an already stress filled world.  Please visit their website to see these unique creations.

Tranquil Alarm Clock with Gentle Chime

Tranquil Alarm Clock with Gentle Chime

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