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How to Take Back Your Time

Take back your time

Take back your time

Based in Seattle, the Take Back Your Time (TBYT) organization advocates an examination of America’s time deficit. Developed four years ago as an initiative of The Simplicity Forum (an alliance committed to achieving simple, sustainable ways of life), the group encourages people to consider their time as significant, to spend it well, and to take a stand against institutional forms of time deprivation.

As part of the initiative, the organization designated October 24 as the annual Take Back Your Time Day to bring large-scale attention to the time famine. The event helps participants in the United States, Canada, and Europe address their stress with various ideas for enjoying life — rather than rushing through it. TBYT invites you to celebrate on October 24 in the following ways.

Sleep late
Cancel something
Celebrate your spiritual tradition
Ask an older person about his or her life
Set aside one night a week for a family dinner
Enjoy some poetry
Listen carefully to children’s ideas
Reflect on the balance of labor, leisure, and consumption in your life

adapted from Body + Soul, October 2006 by Jodie Jordan

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