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What Energizes Me

what energizes me?

what energizes me?

Universal fixes help, but managing your energy levels can also be a very personal process. Here’s what some whole-living luminaries do to recharge:

“To paraphrase Thoreau, my tonic is the wilderness. When I am low on energy, I go to nature, and it restores me every time. Whether I’m sitting next to a lake or canoeing in it, just being in a place where plants thrive feeds my energy.”
–Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist, teacher, and founder of United Plant Savers

“Doing deep yogic breathing, Sun Salutations to fun and upbeat rock music, and inverted poses like handstands get me going. Plus, I conserve my energy and redeploy it into the priorities of what must be done, cutting out all extraneous activities, like internal dialogue (negative and overwhelming banter), anger, frustration, and fears.”
–Ana Forrest, yoga pioneer and creator of Forrest Yoga

“My dogs walk me twice a day, and they’re the best energizer I know. There’s nothing like getting out in nature with two joyous beasts who don’t have to think twice about the meaning of unconditional love, both for me and the trail, however well beaten a track it is.”
–Kenny Ausubel, founder of the Bioneers Conference and co-executive director of the Collective Heritage Institute

wilderness is a tonic

wilderness is a tonic

“A frothy cup of green matcha tea and some breathing exercises help get me energized, as does an invigorating swim in my pool. Plus, looking forward to something with excitement always motivates me.”
–Andrew Weil, M.D., author of “Healthy Aging” and editor of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing Newsletter

“I love my work and get pulled in by endless to-do’s, often chugging along until I’m exhausted and ‘too-done.’ While exercise, yoga, and meditation help keep my energy high, so do regular breaks from the usual routine. I keep my knitting bag, beading box (I love to make malas and prayer bracelets as gifts), and a fast-paced mystery novel handy for 10- to 15-minute breaks three or four times a day. Letting go of responsibility to bask in creativity, or to drop into a fictional world very different from my own, keeps the juices flowing.”
–Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., psychologist and best-selling author of 12 books, including “Saying Yes to Change”

adapted from Body + Soul, September 2006

Bamboo Zen Timer and Natural Alarm Clock with Gentle Chime

Bamboo Zen Timer and Natural Alarm Clock with Gentle Chime

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