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Create Your Own Personal Tea Ceremony – Use Your Chime Timer

Flowering Plum and Moon, Koson

Flowering Plum and Moon, Koson

Inspire your afternoon or evenings and refresh your senses by creating sacred space for a personal tea ceremony.

From the fragrant aromas to the delicate flavors to the simple comfort of a warm mug, tea is a meditation for the senses. It also creates space to unwind and reconnect.

Preparing it is a process, one that forces you to slow down and relax. “Tea is a gift from the earth,” says Diana Rosen, author of “Meditations With Tea,” “and enjoying it is a gift to yourself.”

By creating your own daily tea ritual in the afternoon when the day tends to drag, you can refresh your senses, refocus your thoughts, enjoy some peace, and — the best part — introduce a sacred moment into your day.

Prepare for Tea
In one traditional Japanese tea ceremony, guests are met at the gate by their host and led silently through a garden to the tea room, signifying a departure from the everyday world and an entrance into a spiritual realm.

You probably don’t have a dedicated tea room, but you too can create a space in your afternoon for disconnecting from the day’s stresses, whether you’re at the office or at home. Here’s our simple step-by-step approach to creating your own personal tea ceremony.

Dedicate a Space
This can mean moving to another room, a favorite chair, or just to the other side of your desk — or simply clearing a space for tea on your table or work space. You might consider using a place mat or a tray to visually set your tea space apart from everything else.

Teapot and cup with green tea

Teapot and cup with green tea

Set the Stage
A tea ceremony is about atmosphere. Light a candle or play music to set the mood. If you’re in a busy office, just close your eyes and listen to your breath for a few minutes to switch gears and set the tone. Set your Zen Alarm Clock so that you will hear a lovely chime at the end of your tea time.

Select Your Tea

Bring some intention to your choice. What are you in the mood for? A mild, grassy green? A refreshing peppermint? A rich, vibrant oolong or black tea? As Confucius said, “Let your palate be your guide.”

Use Your Favorite Accoutrements
The personal objects you use for tea making will help make this practice your own. Whether it’s a pretty mug, an iron teapot, or a favorite infuser, using something special for your tea ritual inspires a ceremonial feel.  Set your Zen Alarm Clock & Timer to time your tea for 5 minutes for optimal taste.

exerpted from Body + Soul, September 2005

Digital Zen Timer, good for timing tea

Digital Zen Timer, good for timing tea

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