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Using Mediation Chime Timers

The Meditative State

The Practice of Mediation- Communing with Divinity

The Practice of Meditation: Using the Chime Clock to End Your Meditation

In the practice of meditation, there are many forms and theories of meditation, two basic approaches emerge.  These two basic types of meditation can be characterized as “meditation with form” and “meditation without form.”  In meditation with form, the practitioner focuses on contacting his or her Higher Self, or communing with Divinity.  Meditation with form can also involve creative imagery and visualization.  Meditation without form concerns going beyond thought into emptiness––transcending the ego-self.

But no matter which type of meditation you choose to practice, meditation is more than simply entering into a dream-like or alpha state.  In the practice of meditation you will inevitably progress through a series of developmental stages as you become more adept at journeying deeper within yourself.

Japanese Leaves Dial Face in Burgundy Finish by Now & Zen

The Practice of Mediation- Japanese Leaves Dial Face in Burgundy Finish by Now & Zen

The first and most basic use of the Zen Alarm Clock (a chime clock) in your meditation practice is as a signal of the end of your allotted meditation time.  If you want to meditate for 20 minutes, simply set the alarm 20 minutes into the future and begin your meditation.  When the first chime strikes you can choose to end there or continue your meditation for about three and a half minutes until the next chime, or even longer.  Many meditators find that a “three and a half minute warning” is a perfect interval in which to gradually conclude their longer meditations.  The first chime signals the final phase of the meditation and the second chime its conclusion.


The Practice of Mediation- Stillness

The beauty of the chime is that it compliments rather than disturbs the meditative state while acting as an effective timer.  No matter how you use it, the sonic clarity of the chime provides an appropriate conclusion to your stillness.

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