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Chime Alarm Clocks for Home

real chime alarm clocks and timers

real chime alarm clocks and timers

The Zen Alarm Clock® and The Digital Zen Alarm Clock® are unique lifestyle products that make a big difference in people’s lives-they have recently been featured on Good Morning America, GQ Magazine, The New York Times, and The L.A. Times.  We have had glowing product reviews in Real Simple Magazine and Natural Health Magazine.

These clocks provide a gentle and gradual awakening with Tibetan bell-like acoustic chimes.  And in addition to their alarm clock function, they serve as aesthetically beautiful chiming timers for practices such as yoga, meditation, bodywork, etc.  We have sold over 100,000 of our original triangular-shaped Zen Clocks (and sales continue to grow every year largely through word-of-mouth), and now our new Digital Zen Alarm Clock (winner of the Denver Business Journal’s Most Innovative New Consumer Product Award) is a major hit in all our channels of distribution.

waking up with chime alarm clocks by Now & Zen

waking up with chime alarm clocks by Now & Zen

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