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Just Say No to a Snooze Button

Just Say No to a Snooze Button, Get the Zen Alarm Clock

Just Say No to a Snooze Button, Get the Zen Alarm Clock

Most modern alarm clocks include a “snooze button” mechanism which allows the user to go back to sleep for a brief period after the initial alarm.

While this may make it easier for some people to “face the day,” here at Now & Zen we feel the whole concept of a snooze button is “all wrong.”
People want snooze buttons because they want to awaken gradually.  And this is only natural because just as our bodies fall asleep gradually, our bodies also want to wake up gradually. However, with a regular, snooze button-equipped alarm clock the user is initially “startled awake” by the alarm, and then continually startled awake with each press of the snooze button.  This is not the way to treat your body because it creates a kind of merry-go-round of multiple “rude awakenings.”
As an alternative we recommend using our Zen Alarm Clock, which wakes users gradually with a built-in 10 minute progression of gradually increasing acoustic chimes. It really is a better way to get up in the morning.
Zen Alarm Clocks make waking up a beautiful experience. And once you experience the Zen Clock’s gradual 10 minute chime progression, you will never want to wake up any other way again.
Zen Clocks without Snooze buttons

Zen Clocks without Snooze buttons

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