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Fear is An Alarm Clock

Soothing Chime Alarm Clocks

Soothing Chime Alarm Clocks

Fear is an Alarm Clock

Paul Williams’ little book, Das Energi, is a classic of progressive spirituality, first published in 1973.

Here is a juicy excerpt that we thought would be appropriate for our “alarm clock blog“:

“It’s hard to stop the reasoning mind, which of course is the breeder of fear. Here is an argument your mind is sure to come up with; you may as well be familiar with it.

The argument is that fear is needed, fear is a warning, fear protects us from danger, if a baby didn’t learn to fear the hot stove he would be burned again and again. Not to think about fear, not to let it live, so the argument goes, is to blind oneself to danger.

Your mind will phrase the argument; your mind must answer it. Must answer it in advance; these arguments are deadly if they wait till fear is present, raging. Fear is born of reason, and it destroys reason.  One must not use reason to combat fear.

So think about this argument now. Do we need fear? Is it our protection?  This is what I think. I think fear is an alarm clock. The first thing you do when the alarm sounds is shut it off! Then respond to the alarm, collect yourself, take action.”

There Is No Need to Fear Your Zen Chime Alarm Clock

There Is No Need to Fear Your Zen Chime Alarm Clock

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