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Health Buzz: Sleep Quality Improves With Age – Set a Gentle Chime Alarm Clock

Sleep Buzz

Sleep Buzz

Study: Seniors Report Sleeping Better Than Younger Adults

The older you get, the better you sleep? Perhaps, suggests a new study that found older adults report sleeping better than their younger counterparts. The research is based on self-reports from 155,877 adults; findings were published today in the journal Sleep. Compared to other age groups, people in their 70s and 80s had the fewest complaints about sleep disturbances and daytime fatigue. In fact, save for a bump in middle age, sleep appears to improve steadily over the course of a lifetime. There are numerous explanations for the discrepancy, study author Michael Grandner, a research associate at the Center for Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology at the University of Pennsylvania, told ABC News. “Perhaps with other pain or health issues going on, older people don’t really see their sleep as a problem, compared to everything else,” Grandner said. “They might also have attitudes and beliefs about sleep that don’t place much importance on getting a good night’s sleep. After all, we live in a ‘sleep when I’m dead’ society that seems to think that sleep is for sissies.”

Boulder, Colorado—an innovative company has taken one of life’s most unpleasant experiences (being startled awake by your alarm clock early Monday morning), and transformed it into something to actually look forward to. “The Zen Alarm Clock,” uses soothing acoustic chimes that awaken users gently and gradually, making waking up a real pleasure.  Rather than an artificial recorded sound played through a speaker, the Zen Clock features an alloy chime bar similar to a wind chime.  When the clock’s alarm is triggered, its chime produces a long-resonating, beautiful acoustic tone reminiscent of a temple gong.  Then, as the ring tone gradually fades away, the clock remains silent until it automatically strikes again three minutes later.  The frequency of the chime strikes gradually increase over ten-minutes, eventually striking every five seconds, so they are guaranteed to wake up even the heaviest sleeper.  This gentle, ten-minute “progressive awakening” leaves users feeling less groggy, and even helps with dream recall.


Like organic tomatoes in your salad, the organic sounds of the Zen Alarm Clock's sweet acoustic chimes are truly a gourmet experience.

Like organic tomatoes in your salad, the organic sounds of the Zen Alarm Clock's sweet acoustic chimes are truly a gourmet experience.

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