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10 Thoughts on Mindfulness, From The Zen Alarm Clock Store – Boulder, CO

Shamisen and Letter by Harunobu

Shamisen and Letter by Harunobu

1.  Spirituality

Experience your spirituality as a gift and a process.

2.  Compliments

Don’t shrug off compliments; honor and remember them.

3.  Experiences

Invest in experiences, not just objects.

4.  Grace

Try doing even the most menial tasks mindfully and with grace.

5.  Compassion

Anger has a way of evaporating in the face of compassion.

6.  Calm

Calm is a place you create in the midst of chaos.

7.  Simplicity

There’s no substitute for simple pleasures.

8.  Laughter

Laugh a little — every day.

9.  Physical

The spiritual and the physical cannot be separated; you need one to experience the other.

10.  Pleasure

Find pleasure in the simplest tasks.

Zen Clocks with Chime from Boulder, CO

Zen Clocks with Chime from Boulder, CO

adapted from Body + Soul Magazine, 2009

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