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Three Simple Ways to Unwind, Use Your Zen Chime Timer & Clock to Take 10



Do you need to relax? Try these three simple ways to unwind.

Take 10
Spending a few minutes alone each day allows you to assess how tired and stressed you are — information you can then use to plan the rest of the day. “We need little bits of privacy to be able to connect to our inner selves,” says Powers. Set you Chime Timer & Clock by going to the Countdown timer and programming it for 10 minutes.  The Digital Zen Chime Timer & Clock’s long-resonating Tibetan bell-like chime makes ending your meditation  a beautiful experience – its progressive chimes relax and rejuvenate you.

Find Nature
Take a walk in the park, or even tend to your houseplants. As Powers explains, “Spending time with the natural world nourishes your entire body.”

Be Kind
When you do experience emotional upsets, be gentle with yourself. Show compassion by giving yourself room to breathe, perhaps repeating a calming affirmation.

adapted from Body + Soul, November/December 2007

Chime Timers & Alarm Clocks by Now & Zen - Boulder, CO

Chime Timers & Alarm Clocks by Now & Zen - Boulder, CO

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Zen Alarm Clock for Unwinding

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