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Sleep to the Beat – Set Your Chime Clock After 45 Minutes of Music to Sleep Better

Keishu, New Year Music, unknown date

Keishu, New Year Music, unknown date

It’s amazing nobody thought of this before: Researchers in Taiwan have discovered that listening to 45 minutes of calming music at bedtime helps elderly people fall asleep faster, sleep better and longer, and feel less tired the next day.

Half of the 60 participants in the study listened to music of their choice for 45 minutes each night for three weeks. The other half, who only kept a journal about their sleep, reported no improvement in their slumbers.

The researchers suspect music relaxes the body and decreases a key stress hormone. However it works, it’s risk free.

Our Zen Clock  serves as a countdown and interval timer for yoga, meditation, bodywork, etc.; and it can also be set to chime on the hour as a tool for “mindfulness.”

When the clock’s alarm is triggered, the acoustic chime bar is struck just once … 3-1/2 minutes later it strikes again … chime strikes become more frequent over 10 minutes … eventually striking every 5 seconds until shut off.

adapted from Natural Solutions Magazine, April 2005

Bamboo Digital Chime Clock, for a progressive awakening

Bamboo Digital Chime Clock, for a progressive awakening

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