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Soothing Ginger Tea – Timed with Your Zen Chime Timer

Ukiyoe Tea

Ukiyoe cup of Ginger Tea

Brew a Cup of Soothing Ginger Tea:

Step 1:

Remove the skin from an inch of fresh ginger using a paring knife, vegetable peeler, or spoon.  Chop the ginger and measure a table spoon per cup of tea.

Step 2:

Add ginger to a saucepan with water, 8 oz. per cup.  Bring it to a boil and simmer, covered, for 20 minutes with chime clock in ‘Countdown mode’.  Pour into a teapot.

Step 3:

Remove the strainer from the teapot and discard the ginger.  Add honey if desired.  Teas can be refrigerated for up to a day; warm to serve.

Chime Clock Timer for Brewing Ginger Tea

Chime clock timer for brewing Ginger Tea

Recipe from Body + Soul Magazine, April 2010

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