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Stress Relief: Melt Stress with One Yoga Pose a Day – Monday

seal yoga pose

seal yoga pose

Monday:  Take a Deep Breath

One minute, you’re enjoying your Sunday coffee, lounging on the sofa. The next, it’s Monday morning and your alarm’s going off. The weekend has come to a screeching halt, but the transition doesn’t have to feel like whiplash. This posture helps you greet your week head on, with a clearer, calmer perspective.

Seal Pose
What It Does
Stretches the belly and aids digestion, restores the curve in the lower back, helps protect the spine from long hours of sitting. 

How to Do It
Lie on your stomach with your legs and feet relaxed. Then, reaching your arms forward along the floor, straighten them just enough to lift your torso into a gentle backbend.

Do not strain or force; this should be a very passive and subtle stretch. Set your Zen Yoga Timer to chime after 5 minutes.  Hold for 3 to 5 breaths, then release. Repeat for 5 minutes or until your Zen Timer ends your practice.

adapted from Body + Soul, 2010

B Tone Digital Zen Yoga Timer in a Bamboo Finish

B Tone Digital Zen Yoga Timer in a Bamboo Finish

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