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Stress Relief: Melt Stress with One Yoga Pose a Day – Set Your Yoga Timer & Clock

set a yoga timer for 5 or 10 minutes each day

set a yoga timer for 5 or 10 minutes each day

Monday is a mind-swirling blur. Tuesday sees a spike in stress levels, and Wednesday requires a Herculean effort just to get out the door. With a schedule as packed as yours, how can you create some bona fide breathing room?

The answer lies in slow, restorative yoga poses that you can do in just 5 to 10 minutes a day.   Be sure to set your Zen Yoga Timer by Now & Zen to chime to end this quick yoga pose.  “When you stay in a pose without exerting muscular effort, the fascia and ligaments, or connective tissues of your body, get a rare chance to stretch,” explains Noel Schroeder, a Boston-area yoga teacher and co-creator of the DVD “Notice Your Experience.” Stretching these supportive tissues also opens pathways of vital energy (known as “nadis” in the yogic tradition, or meridians in Chinese medicine) that run throughout the body.

Schroeder designed the following pose-a-day yoga plan as a powerful antidote to life’s daily stressors. Use it to ease into your day or to undo tension in the evening — or both.

adapted from Body + Soul Magzine, 2010

Use our unique “Zen Clock” which functions as a Yoga & Meditation Timer.  It features a long-resonating acoustic chime that brings your meditation or yoga session to a gradual close, preserving the environment of stillness while also acting as an effective time signal. Our Yoga Timer & Clock can be programmed to chime at the end of the meditation or yoga session or periodically throughout the session as a kind of sonic yantra. The beauty and functionality of the Zen Clock/Timer makes it a meditation tool that can actually help you “make time” for meditation in your life. Bring yourself back to balance.

Black Lacquer Zen Alarm Clock and Yoga Timer

Black Lacquer Zen Alarm Clock and Yoga Timer

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