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Setting Your Zen Alarm Clock as Part of your Evening Ritual

Set your Zen Alarm Clock at Night

Set your Zen Alarm Clock at Night

Today, in our too-fast, information-overloaded society, we’ve lost much of our connection to the Earth, to spirit, to nature’s cycles, to our own cycles. And yet, we still need things to feed us, to ground us, to give us courage and connection.
Good rituals are essential to our emotional, psychological, and spiritual health. To help reconnect us to the sacred aspects of our lives, we asked an expert to share everyday rituals that they’ve created or practice.
Sleep Practice

Bedtime is when we drop our defenses and become vulnerable. This is why most religions have a tradition of bedtime prayers, says Alexander. Today, she believes, most insomnia and disturbed nights are caused by overactive minds mulling over the day’s problems.
chime alarm clock  for a peaceful sleep

chime alarm clock for a peaceful sleep


To mark the break from day to night and ease into a state of physical and mental relaxation.


Lavender oil, notebook, and writing utensil.


1. Change (or bathe) with intention. As you take off your clothes, visualize all your daytime anxieties and concerns dropping away. As you wash, imagine that you cleanse away all the negativity of the day.

2. Write down all the positive things that happened during your day.

3. Dab the Lavender oil on a handkerchief and place it near the bed. Lie down, breathe in the soothing scent of the oil, and cast your mind back over the day without judgment.

4. Set your Zen Alarm Clock to the time you need to wake up in the morning right before you go to bed. Use your Zen alarm clock to not only wake you up gradually in the morning, but as a blocker of all negativity. When your alarm clock is set, don’t think about your problems or agenda for tomorrow; instead concentrate on your breathing so you fall asleep peacefully.

Now & Zen Alarm Clocks has adapted this from Body + Soul Magazine

Chime Alarm Clock For a Progressive Awakening

Chime Alarm Clock For a Progressive Awakening

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