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How To Use Your Meditation Timer in the Morning

use your meditation timer every morning

use your meditation timer every morning

Because it counters the stress cycle, “meditation is the most transformative thing you can do for your health,” says Woodson Merrell, M.D., chairman of the Department of Integrative Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. There’s no need to overcomplicate things, either: “Just pick a single point of focus — like your breath, an image, or a mantra — and keep your mind trained on it as you sit erect,” advises Merrell. “A million thoughts will come; that’s OK. Just let them go, and come back to your focal point.” Set your Meditation Timer for fifteen minutes first thing in the morning and this practice will transform your day, he promises, and, over time, your entire life. “Don’t worry if some days you can only do a few minutes. The key is daily practice.”

With a Now & Zen meditation timer, you can meditate in peace without worrying about being startled by a frightening alarm clock.
Now & Zen Meditation Timers has adapted this from Body + Soul Magazine

Meditation Timer in Bamboo

Meditation Timer in Bamboo

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