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Enliven Your Mood in the Morning; Set Your Zen Timer Gong

enliven your mood in the morning

enliven your mood in the morning

While morning doesn’t last very long, it sets the tone for the day to follow. “If you start grumpy, you filter your whole day through that mood,” notes Novie. Finding even a few minutes to enjoy something simple about your morning can make a big difference.

Play a little. Mornings don’t have to be dour. Add a little early levity to improve your mood and the start to your day. Play with your pet or your kids, or do something you rarely have time for in the evenings, like reading that book you’ve been wanting to get into. Treat yourself to one thing that you don’t do at any other time.  Set your Zen Timer gong in 20 minutes so that you can fully enjoy this time.

Savor something. Whether you like a big breakfast omelet or prefer toast and tea, eating food you enjoy can’t help but affect your mood for the better. Stock up on the ingredients you need to create your favorite breakfast, so they’re always in your cupboard first thing to lift your mood. But more important, take a few minutes to really experience and savor breakfast, even if it’s just a glass of juice. Allowing yourself to be absorbed in something you enjoy is a wonderful way to begin the day.

adapted from Body + Soul Magazine, March 2006

Zen Timepiece, a natural sounding timer with bowl/gong

Zen Timepiece, a natural sounding timer with bowl/gong

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