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Alarm Clock Useful For Dreamwork

Dream Recall

Dream Recall

The Digital Zen Alarm Clock can help you remember and use your dreams in two basic ways:  First, by not abruptly interrupting your dreams and allowing your dreaming mind to “finish the dream;” and secondly, by giving you the time between chimes to lie in bed undisturbed when you are first awakened, so you can recall your dreams.
Depending on how deeply you are sleeping when the clock’s alarm is triggered, it may take several chimes of the Digital Zen Alarm Clock to arouse you from a dreaming state, or you may be awakened by the first chime.  But even if the first chime does wake you, it is possible to resume or re-enter a dream from which you are marginally awakened if you are allowed to return to the dream without further disturbance.  The interval between the first and second chimes can provide a period of time for you to reach a cathartic conclusion to your dream. Preventing the abrupt interruption of your dreams acts to preserve your dream experiences, and maximizes the psychic benefits to be derived from improved memory of your dreams.

Zen Clock by Now & Zen

Zen Clocks by Now & Zen

There is general agreement among dream researchers that “natural” awakening (as opposed to using a clock radio or buzzer alarm) aids in dream retention and understanding.  The Digital Zen Alarm Clock comes closer to providing a natural awakening than practically any other wake-up aid.  For best results, as you are falling asleep at night, resolve that your first thought upon waking will be the recollection of your dream.  Whether or not you are in the middle of a dream when the chime wakes you, your best dream memories will be available in your first moments of waking consciousness.
Digital Zen Alarm Clock

Digital Zen Alarm Clock

Before opening your eyes or moving, lie quietly and try to remember your dream.  Recall the sequence of events and the most vivid images.  When you have a conscious memory of your dream, you are ready to open your eyes and get up.  Keeping a notebook by your bed to write down your dream memories can also be helpful.  Discovering the value of your dream life can be richly rewarding.

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