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Breathing to Dispel Anger – Use Yoga Tools Like Our Yoga Timer With Chime

Yoga Tools, Yoga Timer with Chime

Yoga Tools, Yoga Timer with Chime

What You’ll Need
A pillow or rolled blanket to place under your knees.

What It Does
This technique focuses on expanding the diaphragm and solar plexus, where you tend to grip and tighten when you’re mad. Once you’ve become familiar with the practice, you won’t need to lie down to experience its benefits. “The next time you get angry, remember to relax the belly and breathe deeply into it,” Strom advises. “This will help you to respond with wisdom instead of an emotional outburst.”

How to Do It
Lie on the floor with the pillow under your knees, resting one hand on your lower belly and one hand on your chest.

-Inhale through your nose and send your breath into your abdomen, feeling your stomach expand like a beach ball.
-As you exhale through the mouth, breathe loudly while partially constricting the passage of air (ujjayi breathing).
-Close the mouth and continue breathing this way — feeling your belly gently rise and fall — for at least five minutes, or until you feel calm and relaxed.

adapted from Body + Soul, December 2006

“The Zen Alarm Clock & Chime Timer’,  uses soothing acoustic chimes that signal it’s time –  gently and gradually.

Rather than an artificial recorded sound played through a speaker, the Zen Clock features an alloy chime bar similar to a wind chime.  When the clock’s alarm is triggered, its chime produces a long-resonating, ba temple gong.

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