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Choosing a Soothing Chime Alarm Clock, Wake Up More Naturally – Access Deep Peace

Zen Alarm Clocks for a Gradual Awakening

Zen Alarm Clocks for a Gradual Awakening

One of the ultimate Zen like experiences is waking-up from a great slumber refreshed and energized. Your mind and body are harmoniously one, both alert and focused. Having a refreshed mind and body are two keys to a natural and Zen lifestyle. Waking up in the morning should not be a loud and abrupt awakening, but rather it should be a peaceful positive experience.  The right natural alarm clock can transition your deep and tranquil sleep into a serene start to consciousness. Imagine a long-resonating Tibetan bell-like chime waking you up to a beautiful morning experience.

The right alarm clock can be the most beneficial investment for you. With our Now & Zen natural alarm clock you are awakened more gradually and thus more naturally. Now & Zen is focused on creating a naturalistic lifestyle, and our clocks are an example of our philosophy.

Our natural alarm clocks begin your day with grace. When the Clock’s alarm is triggered, an acoustic chime in our clock is struck just once, and strikes again in 3-1/2 minutes, and again in intervals of 10 minutes. The combination of calming chimes and intervals creates a serene start to your day. “Now & Zen natural alarm clock, wake up peacefully.”

What makes this gentle awakening experience so exquisite is the sound of the natural acoustic chime, which has been tuned to produce the same tones as the tuning forks used by musical therapists. According to the product’s inventor, Steve McIntosh, “once you experience this way of being gradually awakened with beautiful acoustic tones, no other alarm clock will ever do.”

Access Deep Peace -- Choose a Soothing, Chime Alarm Clock for Your Wake-Up

Access Deep Peace -- Choose a Soothing, Chime Alarm Clock for Your Wake-Up

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